Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pause (First in a Series)

In an attempt to raise the level of discourse, and to bring light instead of heat, I'm starting a new feature. Instead of arguing with or berating those I disagree with, I'm going to simply call for a "Pause." A moment where they can just consider an idea. Not a long argument, just one single idea, one line of thought.

I did it once before, when I asked in a post if it wasn't possible that the beauty of Evolution actually flatters God. Of course I did it in a long-ass post, so ....

Okay, so here's the first one:

Nearly every day for the last week or so, George W. Bush has scolded the Congress for sending SCHIP to his desk again. He's angry that they're wasting the nation's time passing a bill they knew he'd veto.


Mr. Bush, is it possible... just possible... that you wasted the nation's time vetoing a bill you knew they'd pass again?

And if those two concepts are equally plausible, then isn't that why God, when He created Man, gave him the gift of compromise?

Thank you for your time. You may resume moving about the White House.


peeky said...

we only have one more year (well, a little over) of president maroon, but there's a lot of damage still to be done in a year! fasten your seatbelts!

Michael Markowitz said...

Interestingly, when President Musharraf suspended civil rights and shut down the press and pretty much declared himself boss of bosses? In his speech he said it was necessary for "the war on terror" and to "defeat Al Qaeda."

But no, don't worry... It couldn't possibly happen here, right?