Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pause (Second in a Series)

"...but the fact of the matter is we're bankrupting the next generation. We're spending the money of our grandkids and those yet to be born. They don't have a seat at the table.

Our present mandatory spending cycle leaves us in an unsustainable position. The comptroller tells us that, the Government Accountability Office -- everybody that looks at it says it's unsustainable.

Can you imagine something that's unsustainable and threatens our economy for our grandchildren and those yet to be born not being discussed more on the campaign trail?"

-- Sen. Fred Thompson, Republican Debate, 10/21/2007


Senator Thompson,just for a moment, please realize that those of us who are against the war are saying the exact same thing. Simply substitute "policies in Iraq and Iran"" for "present mandatory spending cycle." And add the Pentagon to the list of critics. It's all we're saying.

And when you speak about Social Security? When you criticize the present government policy? You're not doing it because you hate America, are you?

Neither are we.

Just consider it, for a moment. Please.

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gina said...

LOL. Until I saw Mr. Thompson's name I thought he was talking about the war!