Thursday, November 15, 2007

What to Do When You Have No SIgnal

In my never-ending quest to infertain as well as enterform, here are a couple of weird-but-useful tips.

I previously told you how to squeeze a little more juice out of a dead cell phone battery. But what if you have no signal? Or simply not enough bars to suit you?

You might try sticking your cell phone in your armpit for a minute or so. When you take it out, you just might have a much better signal. Yeah, I'm serious. It actually works most of the time.

When it comes to cell phone technology, I'm no Hedy Lamarr, but the way I understand it, when you hide the phone it loses its signal. Therefore, when you take it out, it is forced to find the best new signal it can.

Armpits won't help you if you want to lock or unlock your car, but you're too far away for the keychain remote signal to reach. (Or maybe you're lost in a parking garage, and want your car to chirp until you find it.)

Once again, you'll feel silly, but it works: point the remote into your chin and push. As it was explained to me, your body becomes a sort of antenna, and you'll more than double your range. Try it, and marvel at becoming one with your tech.


peeky said...

what if i need to make fart noises?

Michael Markowitz said...

Then why settle for faux?