Monday, December 10, 2007

"Mr. President, We Have Big News About Iran..."

If you were President, you'd reply:

(A) Super. Adios.

(B) Thanks for stopping by.

(C) Back at ya whenever.

(D) Tell me more.

If you're me or you or any other multicelled creature, you say (D). But Bush wants us to believe -- seriously -- that his answer was one of the other three. Seriously, that's HIS explanation.

And Cheney knew the contents of the report, but didn't tell Bush. I'm not kidding, that's the official story!

Of course they're lying. They tried to lie us into another war, and got busted. And apparently, may still get us into the war anyway. Because this issue is fading. Amazingly.

I'm begging you, Congress: Hearings. Now. Seriously.

See Mock, Paper Scissors for a synopsis of what Congress seems to be unable or unwilling to admit: Bush has finally committed an impeachable offense that even a third-grader can understand and for which there is no defense. And if he didn't, he's not competent to continue in his job.


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Michael Markowitz said...

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