Friday, December 28, 2007

Slice of Life: Actual Transcript of Call I Just Received

What follows is an actual transcript of a phone call I got this morning, from one of my insurance companies. If it was truly recorded, that tape should go into the Corporate Illogic Hall of Fame:

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Markowitz?

ME: Yes?

CALLER: Mr. Michael Markowitz?

ME: Yes?

CALLER: This is ________ from ___________. This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. May I have your _____________ for identification?

ME: No, I'm sorry.

CALLER: Uh... what?

ME: I don't give out identifying information to just anyone who calls. You can understand that.

CALLER: But we need it for identification purposes.

ME: Why? You called me.

CALLER: We need to identify that you're Mr. Markowitz.

ME: And not someone sitting in his house, just waiting for a random phone call? Seems an unlikely scam. Why don't you email me whatev--


ME: What?

CALLER: Sir, we need, for ID purposes--

ME: I'm sorry, regardless of what "you need" you're calling from a blocked number, asking for personal information. I'm going to have to hang up.


ME: Besides, ________ has never called me before. They've always emailed me.

CALLER: I don't believe we ever email people.

ME: Oh, okay. Thanks. Bye.


norm said...

That is completely nuts.
Unfortunately, his response would indicate very few if any other people responded the way you did.

The Crutnacker said...

I work for an insurance company. I gotta know who it is!

Verification word: Fatus