Sunday, December 16, 2007

You Want Solny? Samsum? I Make For You Very Good Deal!

I always thought of as a reliable, low-price online retailer. Thanks to this ad, I now think of them like one of those electronics stores run by men of questionable Middle-Eastern descent. You know, the ones that have been having a "Going Out of Business" sale for twenty years or so?

Although that would explain's baffling, irritating, sleazy, customer-unfriendly practice of offering fantastic discount codes, but only for new customers. Perhaps they don't expect to even have repeat customers.


The Crutnacker said...

Never trust a man who won't let you shake his hand.

Media Yenta said...

"I'm giving this to you at a very low price b/c I have to pay the rent." It's the middle of the month.

I didn't know Howie was hurting for money.

The Crutnacker said...

Hey, Media Yenta, do you know how much rubber gloves cost?