Saturday, January 13, 2007


No, Not That Tabitha Stevens, Durwood!

On January 13, 1966, Sam and Darren Stevens welcomed their daughter, Tabitha, into the world on Bewitched.

I know the 41st birthday of a minor TV character, even one from a great show, isn't much of an occasion... but it
is an excuse to run pictures of the wonderful Elizabeth Montgomery, TV's original MILF, and the woman who made me think even Lizzie Borden probably wasn't such a bad person.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fabulous Stationery

Someone recently asked me where to find interesting note cards... something beyond the usual. I knew just where to suggest:

They have hundreds of designs for notes, invites, announcements, calling cards, and so much more. And all in (I think) really cool designs.

Why I Think David Beckham Should Only Be Allowed to Come to L.A. If He Promises To Leave Biotch Spice Behind

Rosie's Tossed Salad: I Saw This on The View and Was Sure I Was Hallucinating

Hacking Flock to Use Google on Right Click

love Flock; I've posted about it before, and since then it's become my default browser. It has none of the perils of Internet Explorer and all of the safety of Firefox, along with some added features I never would have thought of, but now can't live without.

But Flock has one annoying habit: No matter what search engine you specify as the default, it will use Yahoo as your right click engine. Personally, I prefer Google, but no matter what search engine you like, Flock doesn't make it easy to change. It's Yahoo or nada.

No more. A brand new blog,, is off to a great start: it has the simple steps to a hack to make Flock do your bidding. And if the word "hack" has you thinking, "Oh, that's for people a lot more advanced than I am," relax. This hack, like many, is so simple it will take away your fear of getting "under the hood" of some of your favorite programs.

Check around (sites like are great for this) and soon your computer will be doing things your way, instead of the other way around.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

She Makes a Couple of Good Points

"President Admits He Made Mistakes"?? I Don't Think So

What Bush said was, "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me."

Let's say you're a department head, and you steal from the petty cash drawer at your office. Your boss notices the missing money, and he calls you and your whole staff in, and demands to know who stole the money.

And you say, "Where petty cash is missing, the responsibility rests with me."

That's very different from "I did it. It was a mistake, and I'm sorry."

It's the difference between your boss thinking you're covering for someone (what a guy!), and his knowing you're guilty. It's the difference between evasion and owning up.

It's the difference between a weasel and a man.

(And by the way, Bush left out an important part of his plan. He hasn't been able to win with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, so what good will 20,000 more do? Simple: These will be 20,000 Terminators, Borg, CHUDs, and X-Files Super Soldiers.)

Forget the iPhone. These Are the Greatest Invention Ever

Sudcare Shower Soothers

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

All Right, Already, A&E... Uncle!

In an earlier post I griped about cable channels that punish their viewers by running the same promos over and over and over. Well, we have a new Grand Champion.

There are some shows on A&E that I happen to like, such as
24 and MI-5 and Biography. And, as faithful readers know, I have an unfortunate addiction to CSI: Miami, which is on A&E roughly sixteen times a day. I'm sure my family and friends will stage a Caruso-vention soon, but for now, it's one of my few vices.

Now it just so happens that A&E is about to start running a show which I loved when it debuted, but gradually came to dislike and stopped watching. It's a show about a family involved in organized crime. (I know, I know, go ahead and shun me.) I don't watch the show on HBO, and the fact that A&E will be running it without cussing and breasts isn't really likely to bring me back into the tent.

Every hour of
CSI: Miami on A&E is comprised of 30 minutes of CSI and 30 minutes of the same three long promos for this particular show. Unfortunately, TiVo has not invented a forward fast enough to keep these promos from spoiling my forensic fun.

So I've officially taken A&E off my "Channels I Receive" and I'll stick to DVDs for the shows I like. One more for the list of what's ailing the TV industry.

(By the way, the number one reason people aren't watching TV? Capital One commercials.)

As Hard to Find as a Choco Tinamou: a YouTube Response that's Good!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh Well, One Out of Two Ain't Bad

"Ashley and Wy have always heard me say to be defined from within, and not by the silly, popular, ever-changing, superficial culture out there."

--Naomi Judd, The Today Show, 1/8/07

"Life's too short to work with ugly men!"

--Wynonna Judd, TV Guide, 9/25/93

I Have a Cat Who Needs This

Inconvenient Marge

"The equation is simple. This country does not want more troops in Iraq. It wants fewer. Go and make it happen, or go and look for other work."

Keith Olbermann's comment on "sacrifice" is his best ever, and the one that is most important for our leaders to hear. If Congress is unable to stop Bush from ordering tens of thousands more Americans to jump into the volcano, what will we, as Americans, do?

I refuse to believe that this one man has absolute, unchecked power. That all we can do is shrug and say, "Well, it's only a couple more years." How much senseless death does it take for us to say we have had enough? At what point will we rise up, with pitchforks and torches if need be, and say, "No more"?

As Keith says:

Your citizens, the people for whom you work, have told you they do not want this, and moreover, they do not want you to do this. Yet once again, sir, you have ignored all of us. Mr. Bush, you do not own this country!

The additional men and women you have sentenced to go there, sir, will serve only as targets. They will not be there “short-term,” Mr. Bush; for many it will mean a year or more in death’s shadow. This is not temporary, Mr. Bush. For the Americans who will die because of you, it will be as permanent as it gets.

Everyone talks about how we
have to stay there, or the region will fall into chaos. I'm sorry, I don't accept that. I'm no expert, but I will say out loud what we all know to be true:

If anyone asks, "What will happen in Iraq if we pull out now?" the correct answer is, "At the very worst, it will be exactly the same as if we stayed, except
Americans won't be killed."

We're training the Iraqis to police their own country? I'm still wondering why it is that these people can't learn in three years what our soldiers learn in two months of basic training.

Maybe the Iraqi leadership is just stupid. As anyone who saw the Hussein execution video can see, these idiots can't even control
a room with 14 people in it! How can we expect them to control the most war-torn country in the world?

They say they searched every one of the 14 people for cell phones. I went to a premiere at Grauman's Chinese, and more than a thousand of us were searched for cell phones. Why can't
one small room in Iraq be run at least as efficiently as a goddamn movie theater?

Maybe the Iraqi military is just full of pricks. I saw a mother on
Today this week who learned that her son was shot in the back by the very Iraqis he was training. Anecdotal, you say? Let's not forget that from those hand-picked guards at the Hussein execution were heard cheers for Sadr. WTF?!

Enough. We've known all along this war had nothing to do with freedom or democracy or anything noble. We may never know what the real reasons were -- though we have our suspicions -- but we can't afford to be polite any more. How can anyone watch the slaughter of our bravest and not be furious?

Even if Bush is not evil -- a big if -- he's still tragically stupid. By sending in more troops he is making a classic mistake every gambler is familiar with. Let's say you had a friend who lost every cent he had in the world at the blackjack table, and he said to you, "Just lend me a couple of grand, so I can get even." Would you lend it to him?

When you told him he was crazy and should leave the casino with you right now, he'd probably say, "But if I leave now, I have no shot to get my money back! At least if I stay I
could win."

That's a disease. You'd stage an intervention.

When does Bush get
his intervention?

Trump on Letterman