Friday, June 01, 2007

Okay, Start Slingin'

I know, I know, I keep kvelling about the Slingbox. Like I did here. And here.

But it's just so great.

Right now I'm out on the patio, working. And when I want to take a break, I switch over to the keeps-getting-better SlingPlayer and catch a couple of minutes of MSNBC. (Whereas formerly my breaks took me to the danger zone of the comfy sofa.) Then, once the war news has elevated my blood pressure sufficiently, it's back to work.

Of course you may opt to watch more pleasant fare. Or a DVD. Or whatever. And you can watch the TV in your home from anywhere in the world. And that also means that, while you're sitting in your office, you can program your DVR for that show you forgot to record. Just click the onscreen remote and it's like you're there.

And if you don't need the new Slingboxes with their schmancy HD and so on, I just saw the original Slingbox at an Office Depot for $90!

So whattaya waiting for??

(And when I say, "whattaya waiting for?" I'm not just speaking to those of you who haven't bought Slingboxes. I'm also talking to the good folks at Slingmedia: Would it kill you guys to send me a Slingbox Pro you might have lying around? Or at least some swagola? How 'bout a little somethin', y'know, for the effort?)

The View

Google Maps' new "Street View" feature is very, very cool, and very, very useful (especially for writers). More important, it's a great time-waster.

But snapping countless random photographs in major cities can lead to awkward ones. Like the ones below. Which we love.

Find more at Tailrank and And for more info on Google Street View, go to Google Maps and look for the "Street View" button, or click here to view an intro video.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Larry King Pioneers the Risky Science of Setting Fire to the Terminally Ill

Meanwhile, as Jordin Sparks yammers away, CNN's cognitive dissonance falls like rain, as the crawl reminds us of the number of troops killed in Iraq.

This Fills Me With a Sense of Awww

Heroes Finale Spoiler Alert, If You Haven't Seen It Yet

"He wants to kill Noah Bennet's adopted daughter, the otherwise virtually indestructible cheerleader Claire (Hayden Panettiere). For reasons that are too complicated to explain quickly, her survival is key to thwarting the explosion (hence the slogan, "Save the cheerleader, save the world.")"

She shamed Nathan into thwarting the explosion.

Was that so complicated?

No wonder some people find Lost "too confusing."

Monday, May 28, 2007

Neither Does The Boss

Since Someone Asked Who Natalie Morales Is...

...I have an excellent excuse to post a picture of the lovely Ms. M, along with some other shots from this morning's surprisingly Maximesque Today Show.

My Favorite Tagline of the Year So Far Comes From Evan Almighty

"When it comes to saving the world, some assembly may be required."

Random Awesome Simpsons Quote

What's your name, Son?

I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?

...I must say that in my day we didn't talk to
our elders that way

Well this is my day and we do.

Google Calendar: The Perfect Gets Better

Google Calendar has always been, far and away, my favorite calendar app, but it's had one flaw: you couldn't view it on your cell phone.

You could always add events through their rather miraculous SMS system -- just text "lunch at noon Monday with Jim" to Google Calendar and it parses what you mean and adds it to your calendar. And you could text "day" and get today's schedule and text "nday" and get tomorrow's. But you couldn't just view your upcoming appointments.

Now you can. Just go to on your phone's browser and you're good to go. (And if you have a Mac, Spanning Sync gives you two-way syncing between
Google Calendar and iCal.)

And if you haven't downloaded the free Gmail Mobile for your phone, you're really missing out. And if you haven't got a Google account at all, then you're not only depriving yourself of all of the above, but you're also not getting Gmail. Gmail is the best web-based email program by a long shot, and also lets you appear to be sending and receiving email from any address you wish. You can consolidate all your email addresses into one great program.

Plus you're not getting Docs & Spreadsheets and Notebook. And iGoogle, the best homepage around... and all for free.

I mean, Google hardly needs any plugola from me... but what are you waiting for??