Thursday, November 01, 2007

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

I've just been made aware of a very important charity, worthy of your contribution: The Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Like the site says:

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) provides free college scholarship grants, along with financial aid and educational counseling, to the children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Special Operations personnel who were killed in an operational mission or training accident.

And here are just two of the testimonials to the work of the SOWF:

"In October 1993, my life and my family's future dreams were shattered with notification that my husband was killed in Mogadishu, Somalia. In 1996 I was contacted by the Warrior Foundation with a generous offer for counseling and scholarship assistance for my two sons. I thought it was too good to be true. Your generous contributions will allow for my sons to fulfill the educational dreams that Matt and I had planned for them."
-- Trish Rierson, the widow of Sergeant First Class Matthew Rierson who was killed in Somalia, October 1993.

"Please keep up the terrific work on the SOF Warrior Foundation. It helps us all to do our job better to know our families are taken care of."
-- Captain William McRaven, Naval Special Warfare Group One

Come to think of it, this isn't a charity at all. Our donations are a small attempt at repaying the enormous debt of gratitude we owe these elite heroes for their devotion to protecting our freedoms. We owe their families, too, for their innumerable sacrifices. Even before the ultimate sacrifice, these families give so much so we can be free. They're heroes, too.

Please take a moment to
really "support our troops" in the way they'd like best: by taking care of their families. Click the logo below to make a contribution.

And if you're so inclined, please do me a favor and choose the "SSG Joseph Curreri Memorial" from the "Program Area" drop down menu. Thanks.

Pause (First in a Series)

In an attempt to raise the level of discourse, and to bring light instead of heat, I'm starting a new feature. Instead of arguing with or berating those I disagree with, I'm going to simply call for a "Pause." A moment where they can just consider an idea. Not a long argument, just one single idea, one line of thought.

I did it once before, when I asked in a post if it wasn't possible that the beauty of Evolution actually flatters God. Of course I did it in a long-ass post, so ....

Okay, so here's the first one:

Nearly every day for the last week or so, George W. Bush has scolded the Congress for sending SCHIP to his desk again. He's angry that they're wasting the nation's time passing a bill they knew he'd veto.


Mr. Bush, is it possible... just possible... that you wasted the nation's time vetoing a bill you knew they'd pass again?

And if those two concepts are equally plausible, then isn't that why God, when He created Man, gave him the gift of compromise?

Thank you for your time. You may resume moving about the White House.

Once and For All, Can Someone Please Decide?

Seriously, is the party over here, or is the party over there?

I've been driving around the block for years.

The U.S.S. Enterprise Putter

At the end of Caddyshack, Rodney Dangerfield has one of my favorite lines in movie history: "Hey, everybody! We're all gonna get laid!"

Well... if anyone there had one of these putters? Not so much.

And since I'm in a Caddyshack mood:

Just Because Halloween is Over Doesn't Mean You Can't Still Be Scared

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hey, It's Better Than Drunken Clowns

Who knew there was a whole category of collectible figures yet to be explored?

Boym Partners' "Buildings of Disaster" collection boasts both lovely craftsmanship and witty blasphemy. Qualities I admire.

These limited edition, bonded nickel works feature such notorious locations as The Dakota, Chernobyl, and (as seen below) Ford's Theatre,
Neverland Ranch, and the Texas Book Depository, and . There's even a tiny little OJ chase, if you're feeling nostalgic.

Available at Velocity Art and Design, which actually has lots of extremely cool stuff. (via Uncrate).

"Will It Blend?" The Greatest Thing Since "Will It Float?"