Thursday, December 06, 2007

In Other Words...

From today's New York Times:

“This is a bit of an example of Facebook being, as we refer to it, ‘out over your skis.’ They got a little bit ahead of themselves,” said Elizabeth Ross, president of the digital advertising agency Tribal DDB West..

You know what, Elizabeth? Just say "they got ahead of themselves." If you have to explain your little "sayings" when you say them they're not worth saying, are they?

You'll notice I left out the "little bit." That's because you don't need it. Speaking of bits, it's not "a bit" of an example. It's an "example." Do you get paid by the "bit"? (And since I tend toward windbaggery myself, if I'm calling you on verbosity, take it seriously.)

Try this next time: "Facebook got ahead of themselves." Isn't that better?

People of Tribal DDB West: If you are trapped in a meeting with this woman, and she is taking three times as long to say something as she needs to, you have my sympathies.