Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm Burned Out on D.J. Assholica

I just downloaded the hotly-anticipated (at least by me) Burnout Paradise demo, and realized to my horror that EA had taken the only awful thing about the SSX series and grafted it onto the Burnout series:

that really, really annoying D.J.

This guy (or, rather, others like him) had made it impossible to enjoy my virtual snowboarding, and now he was yammering away on my pretend car radio, with no off switch.

Well, the good news is, he does have an off switch: just go to options and turn off "Tips." Yeah, it should be an audio option, but turns out this idiot is annoying even in the abstract.

Anyway, flick that option and EA will kindly shove a wet towel in his mouth, so you can enjoy your mayhem in peace. See you at the Wharf!

You Want Solny? Samsum? I Make For You Very Good Deal!

I always thought of as a reliable, low-price online retailer. Thanks to this ad, I now think of them like one of those electronics stores run by men of questionable Middle-Eastern descent. You know, the ones that have been having a "Going Out of Business" sale for twenty years or so?

Although that would explain's baffling, irritating, sleazy, customer-unfriendly practice of offering fantastic discount codes, but only for new customers. Perhaps they don't expect to even have repeat customers.