Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't Get Your Writers Strike Info From Writers

I don't write much about the WGA strike because I'm not qualified. If only all writers felt that way.

There are a lot of Guild members who haven't worked in years, or are unhappy with their level of employment. Or they're just unhappy people. They hate the industry, and they're using the strike as an excuse to vent their hatred. IMHO, it's severely complicating this situation, which is already complicated enough.

I've seen some spectacularly uninformed writers blogging away about strike issues. Their posts are filled with bile and clams, a bad combo to be sure. Which would be merely irritating, except that people are writing comments like, "I get all my strike information from you."

Please. Don't.

There are some bloggers who are generally on the money, but here's a better idea: If you want to learn more about strike issues, go to the Writers Guild website.

As with any important issue, don't get all your information from bloggers. We're just schmucks with computers.

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