Saturday, January 05, 2008

Duckman Coming to DVD

Never say never: Duckman is coming to DVD, according to a scoop by TV Shows on DVD. I know fans of the show have been waiting for this for a long time. So have I!

I haven't heard a thing about special features, if any. I certainly hope someone saved all the scenes we cut out. On the episodes I produced, I had to make brutal cuts at every phase. Sometimes as much as fifteen minutes. And it was often really funny stuff. Painful.

Also, when the footage came back from Korea, it was often, shall we say, "sloppy" in its execution. Especially if Disney or The Simpsons had a show going that week. The good animators would be pulled for those projects, and we'd have stray orphans and rhesus monkeys chained to tables for our work.

We would get these really trippy, troubling mistakes... like Duckman remaining motionless while his bill floated around the room, talking. We had a very small budget for retakes, so we often had to cut scenes only for that reason. Also painful.

It would be nice to see the complete radio shows, animatics and finished footage included. My fear is that the film was long ago, as Groucho would have said, cut into guitar picks. But my fingers are still crossed.

At the very least I hope they have commentary from Jeff Reno & Ron Osborn, the geniuses who produced the show. Anyone who would like to have my commentary on episodes can call me, and I'll come sit behind your sofa with a Mr. Microphone while you watch.


norm said...

Be careful about what you promise...
I'll put a couple cushions behind our couch to make you comfortable. I'll also spring for a box of Oreos and the beverage of your choice, but...I'm afraid by disc four you may start to regret your offer.
I'll still hold you to it, but I may feel a little guilty...

Jaime J. Weinman said...

I loved Duckman and I actually came here to alert you to the news item... so much for that.

I have my doubts about whether Paramount will do much in the way of special features. Most of their TV-DVD releases of non-current shows are completely bare-bones. (They're also notorious for cutting out music, but I don't recall Duckman having a lot of licensed music to begin with.) I hope I'm wrong, though. And I share your hope that Reno and Osborn get to do some commentary. Their Moonlighting commentary was very insightful.

Sorry for the longish comment.

Stephanie said...

Joy oh joy! Like Norm, I too have prepared a spot behnid my couch, flight info to follow, I'll put in a little fridge for refreshments. You should make a documentary of your couch commentary tour. I can see it now in lights..."Crouching Markowitz, Hidden Oreos."

Just last week Kristin and I were talking about how often we think about "Passed Around by the Mohegans." Happy New Year!

Michael Markowitz said...

Jaime, we love lengthy comments! I expect you're right... The Cheers sets, for example, have been lame.

Stephanie, if I'm behind you I make no guarantee I won't get handsy.

Norm, if I'm behind you I make no guarantee I won't get handsy.

Anonymous said...

All REET! For Duckman DVDs, I would pay RETAIL! (Even though I still have most of the original episodes on tape.)

I wore my Duckman sweatshirt to the mall recently, and had two people comment on how much they missed the show.

{Happy Dance!}