Thursday, January 24, 2008

Every Time She Says a Word I Die a Little

(no Project Runway spoilers ahead)

The biggest
Project Runway spoiler, of course, is Jillian.

In case you don't know who she is, here are some of her many moods:

If you've been watching this season, you know that she is literally the dullest human ever to appear on television.


I'm amazed her image even sticks to videotape. Her blood type is zero. Her favorite color is Lint. She's a real doll... provided the doll's batteries are dying. Spending even a minute watching her feels like what I imagine it must be like to have your tether snap during a spacewalk. You just float meaninglessly into the vast, vacuum-y void. Everywhere you look, nothingness.

That's Jillian.

Anyway, in case you're out of Ambien, here is a picture of Jillian and fellow contestant Victorya. Victorya, FYI, is the second-dullest human on TV.


norm said...

Yeah....I was hoping for a surprise double elimination, but one is better than none.
And, with Jillian's time management skills, coupled with her inability to deal with pressure, she'll be gone soon.

It seems to me, people on this show should be trying to treat it like a demo reel for why they should be hired, not a showcase for why they should be shunned and set adrift on an ice floe.

norm said...

What's the rule of thumb for a spoiler vs. not a spoiler?
A couple days after the show airs?
After the following episode airs?

One calandar year?

Michael Markowitz said...

Don't go by me. I consider spoilers to be a forever thing. If you want to give away the ending of The Sixth Sense, I frankly think it wouldn't kill you to put a spoiler alert.

In this case, I actually considered putting a spoiler alert anyway, but then relented, given that I was two weeks behind on episodes, so I couldnt possibly spoil anything for fans.

Ellen said...

I'm watching every week, but I have to say this is the dullest bunch of folks. It's only the second season I've watched, so I only have last season as a comparison.
That said, it does seem like this group has more "nice" folks. They often seem to be helping each other.
I have no idea who I want to win yet, do you?