Thursday, January 24, 2008

On the Other Hand...

I can't wag my finger at Joe Scarborough without also tipping my hat when he gets mensch-y, which he did in response to John Gibson's inexcusable mockery of Heath Ledger's death. Keith Olbermann and Dan Abrams had expressed similar outrage, but it was great to see Joe prove that there are some on the right who recognize vile behavior when they see it.

In another segment, Joe also spoke eloquently and sincerely about his admiration for anyone who earns a chip from a 12-step program. There is no reason to suspect that Heath Ledger's death was related to his alleged history of addiction, but it provides a good excuse to congratulate anyone who's struggling and winning.

John Gibson is human filth. And Bill O'Reilly is thrice so: first for twice saying on his show that there are no homeless vets (!)... second, for pretending he never said it... and third, for blaming the vets' homelessness on (ready?) the vets themselves. (And for some psychotic reason he's demanding apologies from John Edwards and David Letterman. Don't ask.)

Gibson and O'Reilly should be locked in a little capsule together for eternity, like Frank Gorshin and the other guy on Star Trek.

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