Monday, February 11, 2008

What's in Your TV?

The Hulu invites are all gone, but I'll let you know if I get more. If any of you get some and you'd like to share, please let folks know by commenting in this thread.

Also, a couple of you told me about the apps and gear you use to watch web content on your TV, and it occurred to me that a lot of people might be wondering about the best way to make that happen. The WGA strike might have caused a lot of consumers to think about this convergence for the first time.

Between my MacMini, AppleTV, and Xbox 360 paired with Connect360, I have no problem getting online content onto my Samsung LCD (which is fantastic). And you all know about my love affair with the Sling Box.

But Hulu can be frustrating, because of its distracting interface. (A lot of the best Hulu stuff is also available on Veoh.)

If you have any favorite sites or apps, please post them in the comments section. Also, please share any great gear you're using, and how you've hooked it up.

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wilful1 said...

Hola, hulu zulus.
I had been hauling my laptop over to my polaroid 40in LCD to hook up to the internet but recently changed to an HP slimline s3330f with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD capabilities.
I have been a usenext customer (pay for bittorrent aggregation) for a while and now use netflix instant in addition.
Recently fronted all content with miro and love the ability to burn my on-demand content with the slimline, so I don't burn up my hard drive in five days.
went nuts on the old tv shows and learned two things:
miami vice holds up over time.
magnum PI, not so much. dig up the magnum pilot episode to hear what may be the worst tv theme song that was not named "The Facts of Life".