Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bush is As Good at Art Historizin' As He Is at Presidentery


Anonymous said...

Hey, c’mon down here to Texas and feast your eyes on the man’s extensive bluebonnet painting collection. If you look real close one does not in fact look exactly like the other – although you have to be somewhat discerning.

OK, I’m here to turn myself in. Only stumbled upon your blog because yours is fortunate enough to have been among the arguably privileged few selected as worthy of linkage on Ken Levine’s blog. Big mistake, as I have yet to find the time to even crack Levine’s archival posts. (After only learning about his own Internet musings during a presentation he gave not too long ago prior to a Rangers’ game broadcast here in Dallas. There, do you have enough background information now Markowitz?

And yet I justify this in your potential to actually save me time by reliably digesting video and other Internet fare of mirth and worth. (I once had a journalism professor whose claim to fame was that he had written for The Readers’ Digest. How hard could it be to write for The Readers’ Digest? You cut an article out of another magazine and send it in to them.) You also seem to be posting a greater number of spongeworthy women.

Anyway, this explains why I’m one post behind. But felt a brief explication of the Janet Jackson/Larry King dance video should be attempted. As you may be aware, we are a race of people, some of whom not only believe that anything terpsichorean should only be attempted with others of the same gender, but then only with at least one member of the dance troupe elevated above one’s head in a piece of furniture. Here in Texas we frequently accomplish line dancing through the creative employment of a sectional sofa. (Lap dancing involves a recliner, and you really don’t want to go into that too deeply). This is exciting for us only because we are also a race that, at a certain time of year, insists spinning a top is a rollicking good time.

Truthfully, I don’t know what Ms. Jackson could possibly have been afraid of. As any fool can plainly see, Mr. King had already experienced his own wardrobe malfunction many years prior. But thanks for the post, we don’t even have cable.

PS: While Mr. L was passing through our Lone Star state, I somehow found occasion to integrate an arcane reference to my favorite Lenny Clarke joke from a standup bit he did in Boston at least 25 years ago (right, the wife and I still don’t get out much). “Those guys…I don’t know how they do it? Well, actually I do know. Which is why I don’t. Except once, and that was only because I really needed a ride to the Cape.” KL had no idea what the hell I was talking about without the prior setup and I felt like a babbling idiot. Even if you’re in that same boat, if you ever see Mr. C. will you please let him know this has worked over and over again for me in myriad situations for 25 years.

A. Buck Short said...

As we Jews from Texas like to say, "Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhowdy!" Sorry, I should have signed the previous comment. I'm already anonymous enough.