Thursday, March 06, 2008

Project Runway

The Project Runway finale was so emotional, you could tell that Victoria Beckham regretted having a paralyzed, expressionless face.  (Or perhaps she left her emotion chip at home.)

Meanwhile, I've said it before, I'll say it again: I wish Tim Gunn were my life coach.

The many moods of Dead Spice


norm said...

Yup....I think something's wrong with her......she scares me.

Another (non- Beckham) bad thing happened to me 15 minutes before Project Runway started.
I got on our computer to check some hockey scores and Google news comes up....and right there on their opening page is a story with a headline that gives away the winner of Project Runway.

I guess my fault was not living in the Eastern time zone.

Michael Markowitz said...

On at least one occasion, I've started to play ProjWay on my TiVo/PVR and because of Bravo's casual timekeeping and "gapless" programming, I've seen the end of the "next week" preview. It ruins the suspense once you've seen who WILL be on next week.

This reminds me of the beautiful thing about TiVo that I miss now that I've been forced to surrender to DirecTV's PVR. When I'd join a show in the middle on TiVo, I'd press the TiVo button BEFORE I turned on the TV, so I'd come up on the menu.

All of DirecTV's menus let you still watch the show in the upper corner, which is great for working-while-you-watch... but terrible when you realize you can't turn on the TV without seeing the show. Just one of those little usability touches you only learn when you let a product out into the wild.

Michael Markowitz said...

Two more things:

CBS deserves to be punished somehow. If you record, say, BB9 on Wednesday and Survivor on Thursday, you'd better watch them in chronological order, because sure-as-shootin' they're gonna run a spoiler BB9 promo during Survivor.

And I stopped watching Moment of Truth -- first because it's awful -- but second because I was watching a show where a woman was asked a cliffhanger question. You'll have to wait for next show to find out if she gets it right or wrong!! Then they show the scenes from next week's show, and it's a montage of the woman being asked three or four more questions! So where's the suspense for, like, the first half hour of next week's show?

Oh, well, I feel better now.

Ellen said...

So, were you happy with the winner of ProjWay?
What did you think of this season as a whole?

Michael Markowitz said...

I thought Chris belonged in the final three without Rami, and I thought he was subsequently robbed again when it was narrowed to three.

Having said that, I liked all three final collections, even Jillian and her fakokta military jackets. (ENOUGH!)

But I thought Christian was the best and the most deserving. What did you think?

As for Big Brother, I wish it were possible for no one to win.

Ellen said...

Yes, I do agree about Chris. At first I was worried about his "costumey" tendencies denying him his spot in the final three. Maybe it was the hair that did him in.

I also liked the collections and do think Christian deserved to win. It was nice to see a different side of him, once the real pressure of the competition was on him.

Funny thing, though. I've only watched the last two seasons and even though I enjoyed them, I always forget about the designers afterwards. I'd probably never be able to afford their stuff anyway.

I have a link to a good interview with Tim Gunn on my blog. He dished some dirt about Victorya. Did you know how awful she really was?