Monday, March 31, 2008

The Today Show's New Audience Repellent

Have they lost their minds?

The Today Show has added Kathie Lee Gifford to "the Today Show family."

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Is there anyone more "of another era"? Is there anyone whose long absence from public view has been less lamented? Why not Imelda Marcos while they're at it?

Not since CBS hired Katie Couric to bring in "a younger audience" has there been such a grotesque miscalculation. Clearly someone at NBC lost a bet.


Alicia said...

Just another reason for me not to watch the Today Show.

Anonymous said...

NBC is undoubtedly attempting to bring in new ad revenues by appealing to the same audience that purchases Depends and Ensure.

Since I don't intend to watch, I won't have to listen to her complain about how Cody got a zit yesterday and wouldn't let her cover it up with make-up.

Two hours is already too much, the third hour is a real stretch. By hour four, surely it is channel changing time.

J.J. said...

At first NBC wanted to bring back Dave Garroway and J Fred Muggs, but that wasn't possible. Then they thought of Imelda, but she's dead too. Their next idea was Barbara Walters, but she's bordering on senility, so they settled for Kathie Lee.