Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wouldn't Spending $25 Million on Bullshit Do-Overs Be the Definition of "Politics as Usual"?

Why are we even engaging in any discussion of seating Michigan and Florida delegates? Seriously. They broke the rules. Knowingly. Hillary Clinton broke the rules. Knowingly. End of story, right?

She's claiming victory?? She was the only one on the ballot in Michigan, and still only got half the votes. That's a victory??

As for Florida, Hillary won... but no one campaigned. Had no one campaigned in Wisconsin, Clinton would have won by 20 or 30 percent.

But they did campaign. And she lost. So why believe Florida would have been different?

And now she's actually been going around touting McCain as superior to Obama? She's openly saying that if she's not nominated, fuck the party. And we're rewarding this?? Shouldn't that disqualify her?

As for a do-over, it's just not possible. Why isn't anyone stating the obvious: you can't have a do-over because it's a different world now. Unless you can persuade Richardson and Biden and Edwards to get back into the election, it's not a do-over at all.

When I cast my vote in California (by mail) it was for John Edwards. If I had known Hillary Clinton was going to use my state as a club against the rest of the party, I would have voted for Obama. I suspect a lot of Clinton voters would have voted for Obama, too, especially given the despicable campaign she's running. Should California get a do-over, too?

Are we really going to let the states that broke the rules cast deciding votes at the end of the process? That's not a punishment, it's a reward. And given that 8% of Clinton's votes in Texas were from Rush Limbaugh's legions, can we really expect these do-overs to be tamper-free?

The voters who cast their votes in Florida and Michigan for Hillary Clinton have not been disenfranchised. The voters who wanted to vote but stayed home were disenfranchised. They were told their votes wouldn't count, so they didn't vote. How do you tell them now that you were just kidding, and that the joke is on them for not voting?

If you count the votes now, you're screwing the people who followed the rules. Not Just Barack Obama, but all the voters who did what they were supposed to do.

I was not a Barack Obama supporter, and I haven't really been involved in this process since Biden and Edwards were eliminated. But Hillary Clinton's disgusting, deranged campaign has turned me into a sworn Obama voter.


I have never voted for a Republican in my life. But if the delegates from Florida and Michigan are seated.... or if there are do-overs... or if Hillary Clinton appears anywhere on that ballot... or if the "super delegates" overturn the delegate count...

I will vote for John McCain.

Yes, he's a liar and a scumbag. What's worse is he's not a natural-born scumbag, like Bush. He's a hero and a "straight-talker" who actively chose scumbaggery. That's worse.

But Hillary Clinton is a scumbag too. A vicious one. And a liar. And, I believe, 100% batshit crazy. I realized this when she went, in 24 hours, from being "honored" to run against Obama to shrieking "shame on you!" When asked at the last debate to explain this episode, she said she was "disturbed." I'll say.

The guy she was honored to run against now puts sleeping children at risk of death? When she said that whoever won, things would be fine, we know she was "xeroxing" a line from John Edwards. When she ran fear ads against Obama, she was cribbing from the Karl Rove playbook. Which was the real Hillary Clinton? Is there a real Hillary Clinton?

The next president will face a shitstorm of unimaginable proportions. Bush has made a profound mess of things. It's a horrible situation to be in. Obama has a chance to succeed. Hillary Clinton is the same thing as John McCain: someone who'll play dirty political games and practice scumbaggery and drive us deeper into a hole and then leave the White House to raise Saudi money for her library.

And I'd rather that be a Republican than a Democrat. If someone is going to sanction the further deterioration of this country, it would turn my stomach if that person called herself a Democrat.

The era of cowardice and triangulation should be over. If Democrats vote for a war they know is wrong, and continue to fund that war, all to avoid appearing "weak"...

If they are lax with oversight, failing to investigate rampant fraud, Constitutional crimes, human rights violations, all so they can run out the clock...

If they decline to impeach Bush and Cheney for their obvious, numerous criminal acts, so as not to appear "obstructionist"...

Then what use is it to elect Democrats? Sacrificing truth and justice on the altar of political advantage is what Republicans do. We're Democrats because we believe government should be better than that.

If the Democratic party hands the keys to Clinton, I'm not going to be sitting in the back seat when the crash comes. I'll wait to vote Democrat until some real Democrats come along.


christopher said...

Bang on. The do-over-that-isn't is patently unfair to candidates who didn't campaign and have since dropped out. Sitting the delegates according to how the votes the DNC said wouldn't count went is worse. Dean had better do the right thing here. I've liked him heretofore, the 50 state strategy, the general non-conciliatory tone, but if he does either of those two things he's lost my support. Hillary never had it.

BTW, in the second-to-last sentence, is it correct to put in apposition things which are merely attributes of Dean's heretofore perfomance with the man himself?

Michael Markowitz said...

Thanks so much for your comment.

If I made an apposition mistake in the second-to-last sentence, then I definitely have misunderstood the meaning of apposition all these years. Doesn't matter, I'm sure I've made many grammatical errors, as I was typing as fast as my rage would allow.

As for Dean, I actually never even had him in mind at all; I blame everyone from Reid to Pelosi on down. I don't think of Dean as the party's leader. He's the Bud Selig of Democrats... He seems to constantly be waiting to see what happens, unaware that he can MAKE things happen.

What should have happened is so obvious: Hillary Clinton should have been called into a big, scary boardroom and given the Ned Beatty speech. Until that happens, the Democratic Party has no leader.

norm said...

Yup, to everything you said.

The only "real" Hillary I know, is the one who can't imagine losing and therefore, can trash Obama with any desperate, irresponsible attack she can think of...because it'll all be "Ok" when she wins.

And the Hillary who's so arrogant she (in second place) continues to offer to take on the front runner as her vice-president.

She just seems to be a Tom Cruise-esque crazy machine designed for the sole purpose of winning.

I just hope, if she does win, she'll finally apply all that energy to something constructive.

christopher said...

No, Michael, sorry, I wasn't questioning whether you made an error, but whether I had in the second to last sentence of my opening graph. There's no reason for you to remember but we had a discussion once about retronyms and vestigisms, that left me with the feeling you'd know whether that sentence was well formed. In any event, I'm widely perceived as a dick, but I'm not dick enough to call someone out for niggling errors on a post as well thought out and reasoned as yours.

You're right about the Dem leadership. Reid, in particular, has been a letdown.

If Bud Selig's idea of making something happen is the abomination that is interleague play, by Vishnu let him keep waiting and not making.

And sorry for making a novel length comment, but what's the Ned Beatty speech? I assume it's nothing to do with squealing. (And now that I've typed it, is "it's" a proper contraction of "it has" or only of "it is"? I'll look it up.)

Oh, and thanks for the blog. I read so many without ever saying thanks.

Michael Markowitz said...

Norm, as for what Hillary will turn her energies to if elected: When she got elected to the Senate, she turned her energies to subverting every value of the Democratic party in an attempt to look more "centrist" and to further her own career. So I'd look for more of the same.

Christopher: We love novel-length posts! And no one is a dick who reads this blog. And here is the Ned Beatty speech Hillary needs to hear a version of:


norm said...

I'm sure you're right, but my faint hope for Hillary turning over a new leaf was based on what would happen if she finally reached her goal.
As a senator, she was still scheeming to get farther ahead.
I doubt she ever saw her position as anything other than a stepping stone.
But if she gets to the top....what then?
Unfortunately, I think there's a much greater chance of her staying the same or getting worse than turning into a new and improved Hillary.

Michael Markowitz said...

I had the same hope as you, Norm. But people like her never reach their goal. If she were to be elected President, "Day One" would be spent strategizing for REelection. It never stops.

I used to love her. Only when she was elected Senator did I realize how naked and soulless her ambition was. (A flag-burning amendment? Seriously?)