Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ask a Stupid Question...

Over and over this week, I've seen polls cited, showing that 40%, 50%, 60%, 20%, 10% -- pick a number -- agree with a statement like the following:

"The Reverend Wright controversy has damaged Barack Obama's campaign."


I agree with that statement.  I believe Rev. Screwy Von Nutjob has damaged Obama's campaign.  However, it has not in any way changed my mind about Obama or about voting for him.  

Think about it: even the most die-hard Obamaniac agrees it's damaged his campaign.  But still plans to vote for him.  Because the poll is essentially asking, "Do you think other people are stupider than you?"  

Answer?  Yes.

And if you hate Obama?  Then you're being asked, "Do you think other people are coming around to your way of thinking?"  Who could say no to that?  (Unless of course they're the kind of idiots who hate Obama, a perfectly competent and reasonable man.)

It's a meaningless question, designed to do nothing but inflate nothing into "something" so people can talk about it.

I wish some other country would either destabilize our "democracy" or stabilize it.  Because it ain't working as is.


Alicia said...

I wasn't (didn't) vote for Obama before Rev. Wright opened his mouth.

I think the problem is that people are saying, "He went to his church for 20 years and has admitted that this man was his spirtual leader."

Whoa.. this man preached about hate.

I know a couple of people who were on the fence post about him, and this pushed them to the other side.

What I find funny... is that there is a lot (A LOT) of Obama hate out there. And this is just fuel added to the fire.

I mean, I didn't vote for him for a lot of different reasons one being that fact that he voted for the VPs energy bill... and didn't "know" it. I mean if this man is representin' and doesn't know that the green button is the yes button... how many more mistakes is he going ot make? Right now isn't the time for mistakes. Right now we need a strong leader...

one who knows what the green button means.

Michael Markowitz said...

I appreciate your comment, but I feel pretty much the opposite. For one thing, I didn't support Obama until AFTER the Philadelphia speech. (I even sent a contribution that day, as I did yesterday.) I don't judge Obama by what Wright says, I judge him by how HE reacts, and I've been VERY impressed by him, both back then and this past week.

For another, that thing about the green button is at best an Internet myth, and at worst a deliberate bit of misinformation foisted on thoughtful voters like yourself. For just one account of the true story, see

I'm no Obama apologist, but it's important to note that the bill meant a couple of BILLION dollars to the people of Illinois. The people Obama was sent there to represent. I may disagree with the bill, but I don't live in Illinois. At least Obama recognized at the time that it was imperfect, and publicly said so. So he hardly "pushed the wrong button."

The "wrong button" myth comes from the six votes in the Illinois State Senate where he accidentally pushed the wrong button. That six times out of more than 4,000 votes, when Obama in the few seconds you have to push the button, pushed the wrong one. As do many other Illinois State Senators on occasion.

And the reason we know this? Is because Obama stood before the body, admitted his mistake, and asked that his vote be changed. Admitting a mistake? Putting the people's interests before his or her own pride? Try finding a case of Clinton or McCain doing that.

Finally, I think it's important to remember we are unfortunately stuck with who we got. I wanted BIden or Edwards, but they were marginalized by the media and denied their fair chance.

You can find fault with Obama, but you can find more significant and tragic boners by Clinton and McCain. Strength is important, but strength without wisdom is stubbornness, and we've had eight tragic years of that.

More important than any green button, by the way, is the other kind of green. For an analysis of how Obama's green bona fides balance against that energy bill, see

I personally loathe corn-based ethanol, but you've got to step back from the dot and see the Monet.

norm said...

Wright is angry?

How could a black person ever have anything to be upset about in this great, country of ours?

I've said worse than Wright and meant it...and I didn't have a tenth the justification.

That said, I'd like him to step back and see the big picture.
What would he rather have, a chance to speak his mind for a few minutes, or Obama as president?

And did you hear, the lady who supposedly set up Wrights speaking engagement is a Clinton supporter.
...what a coincidence...