Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Requiem for a Presidential Dream

Watching Bush's press conference this morning, I am filled with a terrible sadness.  Bush is scary petulant when it comes to drilling in ANWR.

The simplest way to say it... the way I think we can all understand... is that we as a nation have a terrible addiction to oil.  And Alaska is our poor mother's last valuable possession, her wedding ring.  And Bush is telling us, "Shhh, she's asleep.  Let's go up there, steal that ring and sell it."

Instead why don't we just kick the habit?  Isn't that obvious?  Why don't they see that?

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norm said...

I'm surprised Bush hasn't just flipped us off and gone ahead and started drilling.
But, it's true, if he gets us crazy enough for lower gas prices, we'll give him what he wants anyway.