Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gee, Hillary, That's Mighty White of You

Fresh from her "I'm big with the racists" boast, Hillary did an interview with Brian Williams yesterday, unaware that, meanwhile in the library, John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Professor Plum were finishing off her campaign with the candlestick.

To steal Chris Matthews' great expression, she dropped a couple of sugarplums in that interview. Here's the excerpt:

There you have Hillary Clinton in a nutshell. She explains her insane inability to admit failure by unctuously asserting her superiority to everyone else in the world. She has "more patience" than the rest of us. Why can't we understand that?

Then she talks about how much fun she's having traveling around. Well, that's nice. It must be fun flying around on a private plane, being cheered by the hypnotized, all on the dime of average Americans. Travel can be a blast when you're pissing away five and ten dollar contributions by financially-strapped Americans. Especially when you know whatever money you've put in will be paid back -- either by the Obama campaign or by a lucrative book deal.

I have been an Obama supporter since the Philadelphia speech, and I've contributed money several times. But I'm not donating one penny more until I'm promised that none of it will go to paying for Hillary Clinton's maniacal mystery tour.

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