Friday, May 16, 2008

Hardball's Chris Matthews Pwns a Right Wing Fax Monkey

Fax Monkey© is my word for talking knuckleheads who check their fax machine every morning for the word of the day. That is, the word or phrase the Republican Smear Machine wants them to repeat endlessly on TV and radio.

Apparently, for the Fax Monkey in this clip from Hardball, yesterday's word was "appeasement." Admittedly, the Fax Monkey had the impossible task of defending Bush's indefensible comments. But if he had a soul, he wouldn't have taken on the job.

Watch now as Chris Matthews gets fed up with the perverse dishonesty and neatly prepares Fax Monkey Chiffonade. If you've ever yelled at your TV, this will be the most satisfying ten minutes of television you'll watch this year.

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