Monday, May 12, 2008

Sapphic Survivor Psycho (Spoilers)

Last night, one of the great Survivor seasons -- perhaps the best Survivor season -- came to a satisfying and (to me) surprising end.  

Typical of the season, just when you thought there were no surprises left, Natalie stood up to address the final two.  Until then, Natalie had been most notable to me for three reasons:

1.  She can't finish a sentence without including some gratuitous, bizarre shout-out to the superiority of women.

2.  She clearly should have taken some of her tit and cheekbone money and used it to buy a chin.

3.  She's an obnoxious hag.

But last night... oh, last night... Natalie actually became the real-life version of the worst, most offensive, tired character cliche in TV and movies: the deranged, lovestruck lesbian.  I mean... I'm asking you... am I mistaken, or did Natalie's questioning of Parvati come down to "So are we gonna do this or are you just a tease I'll have to kill?"

Check it out at 4:00 minutes in below.   I certainly hope Parvati doesn't own a bunny, or "There Will Be Boil."


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