Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Daily Show Restores My Faith in America

I confess I was really depressed yesterday. On the last episode of The Today Show I will ever watch, they actually did a piece comparing Sarah Palin to Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. (And to Davy Crockett!)

It was vile and wrongheaded and every other dizzying, nauseating thing. The mayor of the Meth Capitol of Alaska is not Jefferson Smith. If anyone is Jefferson Smith, it would be the Idealism/Hope/Change guy, Obama. The guy who became a community organizer (a.k.a. "helping the poor") instead of running up an Alaskan town's deficit while grabbing earmarks with both hands. But that would have been inconsistent with the piece's title: "The Wonder From Wasilla."

If Jefferson Smith were a real person running today, Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani would be making bitter, sarcastic, dickish cracks about him and the Boy Rangers. In fact, they'd be doing just about every bad thing that happened to Jeff Smith in the movie.

I watched the news as long as I could stand it, wondering how it was John McCain was a "maverick" when I seem to remember he was a bit of a soulless, opportunistic kiss-ass these last several years. Don't believe me? Go to Google News and look for articles from 2007 and earlier with keywords "McCain" and "Bob Jones."

I spent yesterday pondering whether it was financially possible for me to live in another country, but then along came The Daily Show to do, again and brilliantly, what no other news organization is doing: call the Republicans on their bullshit. The segments in the excerpt below are full of everything the media are ignoring. I'm feeling better... for now.

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