Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sarah Palin's Busy Week

In case you haven't been following this saga, we learned that Sarah Palin agrees with Barack Obama on Pakistan, but she also disagrees with Barack Obama on Pakistan. And John McCain thinks if you say something to a voter it doesn't count. And that videotaping what Palin says to voters is "gotcha journalism." (Which I would, too, if I planned to lie to voters.) Oh, and that if you're in a restaurant, you're under no obligation to tell the truth. Also, she either reads no newspapers or all newspapers, but either way she can't name one. And that she refers to newspapers as being "in front of her" which suggests someone else puts them there. And she can't think of any Supreme Court cases except Roe v. Wade. Got all that?

Also, Sarah Palin's views on the economy are such AFG (Authentic Frontier Gibberish) that Tina Fey got huge laughs simply repeating them verbatim.

Finally, is it me, or is Sarah Palin having a codependent relationship with Katie Couric? Does she know there are other journalists?

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