Friday, October 03, 2008

What I Thought Of While Watching Sarah Palin Debate

I thought of Elia Kazan's "A Face in the Crowd" with Andy Griffith as a cynical drifter whose faux-homespun folksiness makes him a TV sensation and a political kingmaker. That and Dana Carvey's Church Lady.

I keep hearing how "we all know someone like her." It's true. She's that annoying woman from your block or your church or the PTA who makes you shudder whenever she corners you. The one who says things like, "Jeepers, I know your lawn isn't important to you, but by golly the rest of us have to look at it and we just wish you took better care of it!" Or "Nobody likes volunteering for the bake sale, but doggone it, we have to! Unless you don't care about whether the church gets renovated..."

Yeah, we all know people like her. And we hate them.

Look at the people you really do drink beer with. And trust to teach your children. And prepare your will. And do your electrical work. Real people talk like Joe Biden. Not like Huckleberry Palin, who's cynically slathering on the rube juice because she thinks you'll buy it.

Read a transcript of the debate, people. Everything she said was either complete gibberish or an absolute lie. (And she did it in insane, run-on sentences.)

And she wants to expand the power of the Vice President? She's insane enough to think she can violate the Constitution, and stupid enough to say so on television?! Are you kidding me?! At least Dick Cheney had the decency to try to conceal his scumbaggery.

She is either the most repulsive, obnoxious simpleton in the world or a serious threat to our democracy. Either way, send this shithead packing, America. Please. Don't reward McCain and Palin for underestimating you.


Norm said...

She's my aunt Jeannie.
And if my aunt Jeannie was vice president we would be in terrible trouble.
I was also dissapointed in the people (including christian amanpour!) who said Palin may not have said anything but gibberish...but, doggone it, she said the gibberish really well and connected to the people!
While Biden , unfortunately, used "senate speak"
Like explaining how Palin skewed numbers on senatorial votes by including proceduaral votes on which McCain voted the same way.
Why is it bad to reveal the magicians tricks to us and let us in on what's really going on...but good to BS us into the ground?

Michael Markowitz said...

The only job Americans have this "must-be-stupid" litmus test for is President. It's bizarre.

If two people showed up who wanted to be your contractor or your sales rep, and one talked like Joe Biden and the other like Sarah Palin, I don't care if you live in St. Paul or Atlanta or Butte or Moose Balls Alaska. You hire the person who knows what he/she's talking about, not the one who's yammering and stalling, but at least it's in a folksy way.

And by the way, Joe Biden speaks -- to my ears -- in a recognizably folksy way, and I've lived all over these United States, including in Chicago, off Western Florida and in small-town Indiana. Sarah Palin speaks like no real person, because she's faking it.