Monday, August 04, 2008

Historic Photos of Los Angeles

The kind folks at Turner Publishing recently sent me a copy of their new book Historic Photos of Los Angeles. I wanted to mention it to you for two reasons: first, it is a beautiful collection I enjoyed thoroughly, and second, to show you what kind of good things can happen for your product when you send me a freebie.

Seriously, I wouldn’t praise the book if it didn't deserve it. I'm a sucker for L.A. history -- I think it's a rich subject that doesn’t get the attention it deserves -- and this book was a pleasure to spend time with. The photos are well-chosen and beautiful, and the text (by Dana Lombardy) is entertaining and informative. This book would make a great gift... if I were willing to part with it.

What a Strange Ad

Not only is this girl overreacting -- I presume the intent is "comical" -- but if the background is any indication, she seems to be overreacting a little late. How did they get her TO school? In the trunk of a car?

Of course, since she's learning ABC's at her age, this could be a "special" class, in which case I feel bad for making fun of her.

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