Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jessica Simpson Dancing to ZZ Top, in a Special Hosted by Pamela Anderson

This must've made Osama's head explode.

While we're at it, here is Jessica making the Grand Ol' Opry immeasurably grander:

Monday, September 08, 2008

Victoria's Secret Courts a New Market

This is an obvious appeal to the chic-but-scoliotic demo.

My Apple Event Wishlist

Since everyone else is making their Santa list for tomorrow's Apple announcement, I might as well throw mine in, too:

Given the artwork on the invite, obviously there will be an iPod announcement, and the smart money is on a widescreen Nano. Sounds good to me. I'd be more excited about an iTunes subscription service, though that's rumored to be unlikely. As is the tablet we've all been waiting for.

I do feel the iPod line has gotten a disproportionate amount of attention from Apple. I can understand why... It's insanely profitable. But the poor Macbook Pro has been neglected for too long. The updates have been incremental, when what's needed is a drastic redesign. Something marrying the Air's sleekness with the Macbook Pro's power and big screen would be fantastico.

It would also be nice if there were something to fill the biggest hole in Apple's lineup: the low end notebook. If someone wants to buy a "casual notebook" -- something useful but not necessarily powerful -- he should have a choice other than the pricey Air.

I'd be really psyched if Apple were to add capabilities to my beloved AppleTV. The ability to "sling" would be great, but that's pie-in-the-sky.

I'd love to see Apple announce an improved iDisk. First of all, I'd love to see it work as promised. I've never had a successful sync in all the years I've used it. I keep having to remove files that give iDisk indigestion, and this endless management of my files to accomodate iDisk is not what I had in mind. It should be effortless. So please, Apple, make iDisk work right.

But beyond that, here's my number one wish for iDisk: partitioning. What good is a 40GB iDisk if it means I have to devote at least 40GB of my Macbook's hard drive to warehousing it? Apple's response is that I should delete my local copy and merely access iDisk remotely. Which would be fine if Spotlight worked that way, but it doesn't.

The files I store on iDisk are the ones I need Spotlight for the most. So I have to keep a local copy of my iDisk... but why do I have to keep a copy of the whole iDisk? Why can't I set aside, say, 30GB for remote storage, and sync 10GB of important files with my notebook? I don't know about you all, but this would really make the service sing for me.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Unsavory Quote of the Week

"We're gonna hit it full force."

-- a guy in an eHarmony commercial, telling me 
so much more than  I need to know 
about his relationship's future.