Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Commercial That Confuses Me

I'm willing to overlook the fact that this is another guys-are-idiots commercial. And I do see how effective it is at demonstrating the power of the Kohler toilet's flush. But I gotta admit, this commercial stumps me.

Okay, so the guy sees a hot plumber going into the building next door. He hopes to create a situation where he can get the hot plumber into his apartment. So he runs upstairs to... clog the toilet??

Is there any circumstance where the plumber will be attracted to him while plunging his toilet? No way to get laid off that, I'm sorry.

Maybe he thinks the awkwardness will vanish when the plumber realizes the clog is not, er, organic. But then he will have to explain why he put every object he could find in the toilet. Again, no way to move that conversation into the bedroom.

But let's say this guy is the master operator of all time, and he is able to somehow turn "I take huge shits" into "let's get naked."

He's married! Unless that is his nosy neighbor at the end, he's got a wife. So he's planning to run this game with the everlovin' in the house?

Sorry. I'm baffled.

And before you say I'm overthinking a stupid commercial, let me remind you that it's on about a thousand times a day on the channels I watch. They started this war.


Sydelle Pearl said...

Is there supposed to be a video in the big white square at the top of this post? Thanks.

Michael Markowitz said...

Yikes, it went away for me, too. But it seems to be back now, just as quickly as it left. Holla if it vanishes again.

norm said...

As far as I can tell the guy had previously discussed having a three way with his wife and another woman. She agreed to try it out, but only with a super hot brunette female plumber named "Jo".
The guy was floored when just such a girl showed up next door!
But how to get her in the house?
You can't just say "three way" right off the bat.
This is where he goofs it up a bit with the "big poop"(all men are goofs) but when the girls get together, he knows his wife'll be able to fix things up.
Maybe, once the whole story comes out, all three of them can have a good naked laugh at how silly men are.
The guy will go along with it all because he's just happy to be there.

So, that all seemed pretty obvious to me.
I'm surprised you didn't see it that way.

Sydelle Pearl said...

It is back. I'm shocked that this commercial made it past Kohler's legal review. Where's the disclaimer we regularly see in car commercials about not trying this at home?