Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jack Bauer in "Stop Making Sense"

Comic Fusion has a lot of great collectibles, but this "Jack Bauer" figure is either undesirable because it's so preposterous... or it's a must-have because it's so preposterous. And not just because it looks nothing like Kiefer Sutherland. (It kinda looks to me like a cross between Lee Majors and Joshua Jackson.)

The only conceivable storyline I can put together for this figure is that Edgar Stiles' mother asked Jack if she wanted any of Edgar's clothes, and Jack decided to try on a couple of things just to humor the poor woman. Any other suggestions?


WeezieLou said...

thrift shop faux pas?

Michael Markowitz said...

That's excellent. Here is another one: Jack was drugged and abducted. When he came to he was in a hospital. His face had been surgically altered to resemble a supervillain, played by Lee Majors. His clothes and man bag were nowhere to be found so he stole the clothes from a patient in the next room to make his escape .