Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Speaking of Idiocracy...

Former Duckman writer, pundit and SAM regular Howard Marguilies mentioned Mike Judge's Idiocracy in a tweet today, and it just made me smile to think about that movie. Will there ever be a director's cut? And why is it that the dystopian movies, like Idiocracy, Brazil, Mad Max and Blade Runner, are the ones most often monkeyed with by powers-that-be?

Speaking of
Brazil, at the risk of dating myself, I remember when I was working at a video store in Westwood, and the movie theatre across the street had a photocopied poster for a new Terry Gilliam movie in its case. In hindsight I realize it must not have been a poster at all, but just a copy of Gilliam's trade ad. Anyway, I was eager to see Brazil, and I sure am glad I had the chance to do so in a theatre, no matter what version it was. It blew me away then, and continues to do so today.

Anyway, back to
Idiocracy, which seems more prophetic every day. In the years since Airplane, Top Secret! and Naked Gun -- the holy trinity -- there have been few sight gags that made me laugh harder than the very simple one below.

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norm said...

I love "Brazil" and "1984" and all the other dystopian future movies and books, but "Idiocracy" beats them all.

I always wondered what the people who named "Fuddruckers" were thinking...., go away.....'batin.