Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ABC's Castle, and the Strangest Line of the Year

In the
Castle premiere, a woman said to the lead that in order to attract men "it wouldn't kill you to put on some lipstick."

The woman in the picture above? That's Stana Katic, the woman this line was said to. (It goes without saying that the woman who said the line was not nearly as attractive, and was wearing too much makeup.)

But to return to the main point: If Stana Katic is not wearing lipstick in the picture above, then she doesn't need lipstick. Do women really think there exists a straight man who would look at Stana Katic and think, "Meh, needs lipstick."?

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Grace Nearing said...

I share your confusion. Of course she's wearing lipstick. And her eyebrows are to die for. Maybe it was better in the old days when frumpiness or indifference to fashion/man-catching was signalled by a tight bun (or ponytail) and thick eyeglass frames. At least it allowed for the transformative moment when the eyeglasses came off and the hair was shaken loose.