Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dick Cheney Does Not Think About Things He Does Not Think About

Dick Cheney's most recent interview, a tongue bath from CNN's John King, has angered many people. The fear-mongering, the revisionism, the denial. The way he seems to be hoping for an attack on America... all vintage Cheney, all pure Dickery.

What strikes me most is the sadness of it all. Cheney used to be this smirking Darth Vader figure, this shadowy ghoul who seemed to delight in the fact that he struck terror into all around him. But like many powerful men, he forgot that the power was not his. It was ours. We lent it to him. And once we took it away, he was left pitifully naked. An Emperor with no clothes.

Dick Cheney doesn't really seem like DICK CHENEY any more. He is more like Matthew Harrison Brady at the end of Inherit the Wind. A former lion, now pathetically sputtering instead of roaring. A confused old man who used to live surrounded by power and influence, and who now lives among the smell of Gold Bond and old farts.

He should be indicted, but if we're not going to do that let's just turn away and let him crawl back to his hole. It would be more humane than anything he ever did.

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