Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday Joe Scarborough Would Hate Monday Joe Scarborough

On Saturday, Joe Scarborough tweeted:

"Have a great weekend and try to have a long conversation with someone with whom you genuinely disagree. Show respect and learn something."

I was stunned, since this is the absolute antithesis of every molecule of Joe Scarborough's existence. His snide, sarcastic, loathsome existence.

So I broke my promise to myself and watched a few minutes of Morning Joe today... at least until my projectile vomiting started. For today Scarborough was back to his old self, sniffing and huffing that President Obama's shaking Hugo Chavez' offered hand, even in a non-ceremonial setting, was like a tongue-kiss to fascism and an invitation to invasion.

What a douche.


Grace Nearing said...

Ah, you had me at snide, sarcastic, loathsome existence.

Michael Markowitz said...

Thank you, Grace. The snide sarcasm (as well as the list thing I've written about before) have gotten worse and worse, since Scarborough uses them as crutches when he has no substance to back up his position. It's gotten to where he's all filler, no meat.