Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Amazing: A Great Bluetooth Speakerphone

I have tried every bluetooth implement known to man. Even the ones that everyone else loves, best among them the Samsung, Jawbone and BlueAnt. And they're all fine, up to a point. Some easier to keep paired than others, some more comfortable than others, some louder than others, some better voice quality than others. All have drawbacks that, for me, offset any advantages.

The Contour SurfaceSound Compact Bluetooth Speakerphone is different. Pairing it is a painless process, and it's a slim unit that clips to the visor in your car. That's it, you're set. The mic arm folds up to power the unit off. If the phone rings, swing the arm down and the unit automatically connects with your phone and answers. And the speaker is fantastically, wonderfully loud (unlike, say, the iPhone's built-in speakerphone). You'd think the mic being so near the speaker would result in echo, but the cancellation works perfectly.

It charges with a proprietary cable, which is irksome... but it's a USB cable, which is always nice, since you can use your laptop when an outlet isn't handy. At a street price of $59.99, it's priced in the high end for this category, but even at that price it's still cheaper than all the $20 and $30 headsets and speakers sitting in my drawer. In fact, it's so good that when I get out of the car I bring it inside and clip it to a lamp in my office.

If you decide to buy it, it would be great if you use the link below. As with all Amazon purchases you launch from this blog, my cut goes to the Humane Society and the ASPCA.


Anonymous said...


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David Parks said...

Hi, Michael.
You need to try the sony noise cancelling walkman paired with their bluetooth headphones. Awesome is an overused word but the thing just plain works. Mine is paired with my waalkman (mine is Dutch...strictly yodeling music, especially Focus), my phone, my car, and my laptop. you jam out to your tunes or podcasts (and if you're not digging on Adam Carolla's podcasts, you're missing out).
You get an incoming call, hit the button and BAM! walkman pauses, pick up the call in gorgeous stereo, noise-cancelling sound. Then you are walking around, looking like you are listening to your tunes while simultaneously speaking to Elvis.

Michael Markowitz said...

Thanks for the tip, I've tried other brands' versions of the same thing, but haven't been happy. Now that the iPhone supports it maybe I'll check out the Sony.

Anonymous said...

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