Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a Couple of Examples of Why Mika Brzezinski is an Idiot

Okay, so I swore off watching Morning Joe months ago and I've felt better for it. Also, after almost ten years of going to Starbucks pretty much every day, I stopped when they decided to become the title sponsor of that show. And it turns out I don't really miss Starbucks, which surprised me.

But this morning, when I flipped by MSNBC I saw Lawrence O'Donnell was on, so I had to stop and watch for a bit. (Seriously, MSNBC, give Lawrence O'Donnell his own show.) Hey, if O'Donnell is on and Scarborough isn't? I'll take a look.

It didn't take long for my blood pressure to rise, and I had to turn it off.

In the course of ten minutes or so, Mika, in her typical Red Queen fashion, imperiously turned up her nose at reality TV, fast food and Paris Hilton, among other things. As each was mentioned she called them things like stupid, a waste of time, disgusting, worthless, etc.

But whenever anyone said anything negative about Sarah Palin, she complained, "But she draws a crowd" or "Crowds come to see her." When O'Donnell pointed out some negative polling data, Mika simply bleated, "She draws crowds."

Don't insult or criticize Sarah Palin, was Mika's message, because there are a lot of people who like her.

Just to review, the hundreds who show up for her speeches validate Sarah Palin. The millions who, for example, watch reality TV? Worthless, according to Mika.

To top it off she kept saying, "What is William Shatner taking?" I suppose it was some crude form of "joke" but no one knew what she was talking about. Finally she managed to explain it: She watched him do the Palin bit on
The Tonight Show, and thinks he was "high." I suppose on "reefer."

In other words, she didn't get Conan's and Shatner's joke. Her head is so far up her own ass she has totally missed Shatner's very funny bit all these years. The whole thing went over her head. But it didn't stop her from cackling at her own whimsy every time she said it.

What a friggin' imbecile.

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