Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Media Step on the Rake Again

Having just wasted a week on birthers, and a week on Cambridge, the media is now wasting a week on so-called deathers. Seriously? How does crap like this get covered? How do the media justify giving airtime to a claim so demonstrably, absolutely false?

I just saw some radio talk show host I've never heard of on Hardball. He made ridiculous claims about the health care bill that I won't dignify with repetition. Then the actual Congressman who wrote the provision came on to say the radio guy didn't know what he was talking about, the bill says nothing of the kind, and it's posted online so you can see for yourself.

Chris Matthews was equally aggressive with both. So much for his claim that he loves nailing people who don't tell the truth. So much for any reasonable definition of "hardball."

But here's the core question: How many segments like that have we seen on the news these past few years? On one side, a legitimate expert. On the other, a radio talk show host??
Since when are these two people equal? These radio talk show hosts are all failed deejays. Now they're conservative because that's where the money is. You think they actually believe the crap they spew?? They'll go to any market and do any format they can get. I'd call them whores, except whores are honest about what they do.

(And why are radio talk show hosts sought-after pundits, but actors and actresses should "shut up and stick to show business"? Does that make sense to anyone?)

If radio talk show hosts are qualified to argue the content of a bill with the actual author, who else is? Can my dentist debate, too? The counter guy at my 7-11? My handyman? My cat?

And a claim that is completely, obviously untrue gets a week of air time? Let's say some idiot in a tinfoil hat says Sarah Palin killed a child for sport, does he get to go on TV, too? Can he say, "This whole thing could be put to rest if Ms. Palin would only produce her police record"?

How crazy is too crazy for TV news?

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norm said...

One of our local conservative radio hosts was just asked the question, "What if the single payer thing went through? Where would all the NFL's team doctors go? Where what would happen to the school team doctors?"
Our host (hwo may be evil...but isn't stupid)said, "Oh! Wow! I hadn't thought of that. That is a good question! would happen?"
Now, he's smart enough to know nothing would happen, but he's pushing fear and he knowingly went with the idiot and fanned the flames as much as he could......because he "loves this country"??

How does anyone fall for this?