Sunday, August 09, 2009

What to Say to Someone Who's Frightened by Health Care Reform

The government provides food for people who don't have any. Yet supermarkets and restaurants still thrive, and you are still free to eat wherever you like and whatever you like.

The government provides shelters and/or low-cost housing for people who need it. Yet there are still a wide variety of hotels, motels, apartments, houses and mansions for you to choose from.
The government provides a police force to patrol neighborhoods. But if you have the means to hire bodyguards, security teams and/or private investigators you are free to do so, and have many choices.

The government provides public transportation, yet you're still free to choose from a dazzling variety of cars. Even limos.

The government provides public schools and colleges, yet there are still private schools and colleges for those who can afford them.

The government provides an inexpensive postal service. Yet if you can afford FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any of thousands of messenger and courier services, you can use them as often as you wish.

When the government opens a day care center, no one shuts down your private day care or drags your babysitter or nanny from your home.

So why... WHY... would you so afraid of a public health care option for the needy? Why??


norm said...

How is it that insurance companies and some politicians have managed to instill this fear into people with simple lies?
The lies are so easy to disprove...and they have been disproven......but somehow, the fear sticks. Like the guy who supposedly shouted, at one of the town halls, "Keep your goddamn government hands off my Medicare"

paola lopez said...

i love you, norm, and when will we marry? :P

paola lopez said...

woops. while i love you too, norm, and am happy to solidify our polygamist nuptials, should you so desire, it actually was michael's blog that i was so thrilled to read and had intended to propose matrimony to. :P one of my facebook friends posted it precisely as i was in the middle of hot debate about this very topic online. cheers to you both,

norm said...

This is kind of weird. I had also just proposed to Mike because of this post.
Actually, I propose to him after every post...but I think this time he'll accept.

norm said...

There was a "Republican strategest" on Ed Schultz last night and she kept saying "Obama's going to cave and sell you guys out"
She said it with so much smirk-y glee it drove me nuts.
But, I've seen this before.
Why is it when Obama gives in a bit to the Republicans, instead of saying "thank you" they say "Ha! You fail!"
To me it proves they're just trying to tear him down, not support any particular optional belief or plan.
It's like going to dinner and one guy wants Chinese and one wants Italian, and when the first guy says..."Ok, let's have Italian"...and the second guy says "Ha! Looser!"