Friday, January 30, 2009

Ad Hominem: The Wrestler

I haven't seen The Wrestler, but I've heard that it's excellent. All I know about it is what I see in the commercial, which I see roughly 10,000 times a day. Based on the commercial, I think the movie involves Mickey Rourke, his daughter, a one-legged dog, and a piece of meat. Which actually sounds like the makings of a ghastly reality show.

Some Recent Tweets Worth Re-Tweeting

Millionaire Matchmaker stars Todd Rundgren as a woman who overcomes clown makeup to match repulsive hags with icky creeps.

Playing with iLife 09's facial recognition is really addictive.

If the Republicans ran the Super Bowl, the Steelers would be forced to use the Cleveland Browns playbook.

Mika Brzezinski thinks she is Ginger, but she is actually Mrs. Howell.

I need a picture for my dictionary for the word "oleaginous" and can't decide between Peggy Noonan and Diane Sawyer.

With the wheelchair, it's now official: Dick Cheney IS Old Man Potter.

The "stacks" may be the paradigm that replaces newsreaders.