Friday, May 15, 2009

Arizona State, Up Close and Personal

When President Obama spoke at ASU, he was characteristically gracious and turned lemons into Arizona Lemonade. If I were so rudely snubbed I either would have cancelled or shown up drunk and recited "suck it" in fifty different languages. Obama, on the other hand, used the moment as a chance to inspire the grads. Shows why he's President, and I am so not. Well-played, sir.

I'm moved, but still pissed. So here is the fantastic
Daily Show segment shedding light on ASU's dimness.

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Arizona State Snubs Obama
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Why Don't I Ever Run Into Shoppers Like This?

This Victoria's Secret ad either depicts every mall cop's fantasy, or is a cautionary tale about waiting until laundry day to do your shopping.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cap and Trade

I am a big fan of Brooke Shields, the Sport of Kings,
Clothes Off Our Back, and Grey Goose vodka, separately. But I cannot claim to be a fan of the hat that brought the four of them together. Still, when said hat is being auctioned off to benefit the Barnstable Brown Foundation, a very worthy cause, I am happy to point you to where you can bid on it, along with lots of other cool items for two other great charities: Clothes Off Our Back.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I always loved frosty, delicious Yoo-Hoo when I was growing up. And I was always fascinated by the idea (or was it legend?) that it was sterile until you opened it. Sort of the ultimate freshness guarantee.

But my dear friend Richard Samson once pointed something out that changed the way I looked at Yoo-Hoo forever: That "Shake It!" on the label seems oddly bossy for a beverage.

Yoo-Hoo, Shake it!, originally uploaded by jasoncalacanis