Friday, May 22, 2009

Steny Hoyer Manhandles Nancy Pelosi

Hoyer is either getting handsy or has decided to throw Pelosi out a window. Either way it's really strange.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres' Great Commencement Speech at Tulane

And I am in shock: I seriously, completely, always thought the Pussycat Dolls were saying "boobies."

Glenn Beck, Your Petard is Ready

Occasionally, The View comes through. Case in point: this appearance by unstable douche Glenn Beck, who made Whoopi and Barbara angry. And he won't like then when they're angry.

He gets caught in some lies. Small lies, but whenever I read or hear something in the media about a subject I personally know about, and it's completely wrong, I wonder why I trust the media on anything else?

Anyway, even though Glenn Beck is low-hanging fruit, it's nice to see him get personally plucked, and called out for being the crap-sack he so is.

Though as always I'm bothered by Barbara saying at the end "I'm sure you meant well." What? No, he didn't. He lied. In this case about something trivial, but still, why kiss his ass? Particularly when he's so unapologetic.

And another thing that always strikes me when I see footage of Beck or Limbaugh doing their radio shows: Why do such wealthy men have such shitty webcams? Seriously, it's baffling.

On a happier note, Beck's lie reminded me of the night the
Duckman writers and producers went to the Ace Awards (remember those?). We get up from our table to get a bite from the BBQ buffet -- leaving our coats and handbags and such -- and when we came back a certain CNN correspondent and his posse had stolen our table! We protested politely and were rebuffed impolitely.

When some men put on tuxes they become James Bond. Then there are those of us who become Otis P. Driftwood. So, naturally, we flung crawfish at them until they got up and left in a huff. (Actually a minute and a huff)

Anyway, please to enjoy:

William Shatner Sings to George Lucas

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brave Dog Diverts Traffic When His Mom is Struck by a Car

A happy ending for both, and cheers to the motorists who, despite the traffic snarl, didn't honk their horns.