Thursday, July 16, 2009

iPhone 3GS Photos I Just Kinda Like

Today I got the feeling a Parking Enforcement officer was writing me a parking ticket, so I quickly took some pictures with my iPhone 3GS to prove my innocence, if necessary. (It's a long story... Suffice to say, if get a ticket -- my first ever, by the way -- I will make a Les Miserables-sized fuss.)

Anyway, none of that is why I'm here. I just thought the pictures look very vivid and pretty, and thought they show off what a surprisingly good camera is tucked inside this phone. So enjoy:

Ask For It By Name

From the Ikea website. I gotta say, the price is appealing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First in a Series: Strange Things I Own

I've been doing my spring cleaning for about eight or nine years now, without much success. Especially because when I clean I get distracted by finding stuff that I initially bought or nabbed because, well, they were weird. So as I find some of them I'll share them with you.

First up: A doll I bought because it was, I thought, the scariest friggin' thing I've ever seen. I fully expect to wake up one night and find it skittering around the floor wielding a knife.

And what's really weird is that, according to the tag, the facial expression is considered a selling point. Whereas to me it's more of a rictus of terror... as if a little girl were screaming at the instant she was shrunken and transformed forever into a doll that would be frozen and silenced forever, but could still feel pain. But hey, that's me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What???!! Fox & Friends on Racial Purity

If you get the chance to see The Soup this week, check it out. Joel McHale follows this clip with the perfect reaction. Really the only one possible: jaw-dropping astonishment.