Monday, January 04, 2010

Death Panels, Balloon Boy, Jon & Kate, Tiger Woods: Who Cares? I'll Tell You Who. (Video after the jump)

If there's one thing that sets my teeth on edge about the 24-hour-news media's "looks back" at 2009, it's their staggering cognitive dissonance. They snort at and scorn tabloid junk, seemingly unaware that they are the leading source of said junk.

You hear it all the time on cable news. They mention Jon and/or Kate, Balloon Boy, Tiger Woods and so on, and then say something like "the public was fascinated" or "the public couldn't get enough."

To which I would reply, how exactly did you know?

Inexcusable Absence, and my new Year's Resolution to Post More

I apologize for the seeming deadness of this blog. Between work and personal stuff, I've been sadly neglecting the Should've Asked Me community, and I'm sorry. All I've had time for is the brevity of Twitter, where I'm @markowitz. Over there I still do what I did over here... just in shorter bursts.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to post more. Good news for anyone still with me. And thank you for still checking in.