Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scarborough Gives Mika the Death Stare. Unfortunately She Still Lives.

I can't decide what's funniest about this clip.  Is it that Mika Brzezinski interrupts someone for the millionth time?  (Millionth time this week, that is)  Is it that Mika has an astonishing inability to refrain from yapping for more than thirty seconds at a time?

Is it that Scarborough gives her a death stare that sears a hole in her skull?   A death stare tinged with petulance?  Because, after all, her million interruptions get in the way of his million interruptions?

Is it that he continues the stare until she murmurs a terrified "Sorry"?  Or is it that the apology allows Joe to put the passivity back into his aggression for another few minutes? 

Who can say?  Meanwhile, please to enjoy: