Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Sorry, I Don't Buy the Dangers of Hands-Free Talking While Driving

"Studies show" is the media's favorite phrase... especially when what the studies show is"technology bad." Online Predators! Brain Tumors! Identity Theft! Hearing Loss! Internet Addiction! Exploding Batteries!

News anchors shake their heads with dismay after each alarming report. They chuckle, smugly. "Whatever happened to the days when people talked to each other?" or "I find a pencil and paper works for me."

Proud Luddites, these anchors. As they sit in an HD studio with Blackberries in their laps.

So when "studies showed" that "cell phone use while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk" obviously that was red meat for the info industry.

And like all memes it got squished and squeezed as it moved through the media digestive tract, until it lost all meaning. What kind of use is dangerous? Texting? Talking? GPS? Yelp? With hands? Without hands?

Doesn't seem to matter anymore. "Cell phones in car bad."