Monday, August 30, 2010

How the "Obama is a Muslim" Lunacy Took Hold and Grew, Since the Media are Asking

So some nuts online whisper that Obama is a Muslim (which he's not).

And some right wing idiots believe it.

So the mainstream media start discussing it, to "debunk" it.

But in pursuit of some bizarre perversion of "objectivity" they always have one of the nuts or idiots on to spew his/her bile.  For balance.  Because apparently truth always needs a lie to balance it out.

The host subjects the nut or idiot to "tough questioning" which, of course, never gets through to nuts and idiots, so the bile just keeps spewing for four or five minutes.

Afterward, instead of saying, "Get out of the studio, you moron!" the host says, "Thank you very much for joining us."  Giving a nut or idiot credibility he/she wouldn't deserve in a civilized society.

And a few thousand more viewers are convinced that Obama is a Muslim (which he's not).

Repeat.  For years.

Then wonder with mock exasperation why people increasingly believe Obama is a Muslim (which he's not).

And invite a nut or idiot on to discuss how this idea possibly caught on.