Friday, October 01, 2010

Man's World

(By request, a repost of a 2005 post)

Of all my pet peeves, this is my peeviest. My friends will be amazed it's taken me this long to bring it up here. But the truth is, I didn't bring it up, The Washington Post did.

In an article recently, the Post addressed what they perceived as a shift in marketing strategy. They used the 2003 Miller Lite ad wherein two guys fantasize about two women getting into a wrestling match in a fountain as an example of how ads used to appeal to men's egos. Then they use several contemporary examples to illustrate how men are ridiculed and belittled in today's ads. They question the wisdom of this approach, and rightly so.

One problem: they missed a key point in those Miller Lite ads.

Beyond the fact that they arguably mocked men by reducing them to their baser impulses -- impulses I readily admit to heartily sharing -- the ads were, in fact, female-friendly. Like all ads.

Don't believe me? Think back.