Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What I Imagine Every Conversation Between Chris Matthews and Mike Barnicle is Like:

Chris Matthews:  Here in America we don't make things anymore.

Mike Barnicle: I know!

Chris Matthews: Right??

Mike Barnicle:  Absolutely.

Chris Matthews:  We used to make things.

Mike Barnicle: Not anymore.

Chris Matthews: I was just thinking that.

Mike Barnicle: You're so right.


Mike Barnicle: And nobody shares sacrifice.

Chris Matthews: But mainly we don't make things anymore.

Mike Barnicle: You nailed it.


Mike Barnicle:  Where are we?

Chris Matthews: Never mind that, where are your pants?!

Proof That Bush & Cheney Intended to Invade Iraq From Day One

I keep tweeting and reposting this post, and I'll keep doing it as long as the media ignore it.

Monday, November 08, 2010

From 2007: "Who Says We Haven't Had a Terrorist Attack Since 9/11?!"

You hear it all the time. Cheney says it all the time. Bush says it all the time. Barbara Walters said it this morning. She doesn't like Bush's foreign policies, "but you have to admit, we haven't had a terrorist attack since 9/11."

I'm really sick of hearing that. It's... what's the word? A canard? Hogwash? Bullshit?

First of all, it's been less than six years since 9/11. After the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, American soil went unattacked for eight years. In hindsight, did it make us safer on 9/10? Then why would it now?

Second of all, when someone tries to kill the Vice President (forgetting that it requires a wooden stake) and kills 32 troops instead, does that not count as a terrorist attack?

But put that aside. Because there may be an even simpler reason why we "haven't been attacked."

Because, like Pizza Hut, we delivered.

We sent thousands and thousands of Americans right into Iraq, then took out the only guy keeping the terrorists out of the country. It was like throwing our troops into the water and filling it with chum.

Why should the terrorists go to all the trouble of plotting and planning to come over here to kill 2900 people, when we have, so far, hand-delivered into their laps more than 3300 beautiful young souls?

For the terrorists, it's fish in a barrel.

When Bush says, "We have to fight them over there, or we'll be fighting them over here," he doesn't mean that we'll defeat them over there. Because he knows full well we can't.

His plan is a very old one, as old as ignorance itself. Human sacrifice is the last refuge of a leader in over his head, whether he uses burning, beheading, burial, bloodletting, or a "surge."

Bush will just keep shoveling young bodies into the maw of this beast and hope that it pleases it, mollifies it, hope that it satisfies its hunger, slakes its thirst. At least until January, 2009, when the beast becomes someone else's problem.

Let's make it someone else's problem now.

originally posted 4/25/07